Smafybin compacting litter bins

Smart solar-powered compacting litter bins 100% clean, 100% solar, 100% green, 100% smart.


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Do you want to earn more income through private advertising on your waste bins?


SMAFYbin is a smart solar-powered compacting litter bin.

Optimises resources

A single SMAFYbin allows the same waste as up to 40 conventional litter bins to be managed and reduces the amount of resources needed by up to 75%.

It is available in two sizes: 110 or 200 litres, to adapt to different requirements of use.

Design and customisation

The design is sleek, accessible and durable, therefore SMAFYbins are improving the aesthetic of the spaces in which they are installed.

The ability to customise the print on the bins, allows them to be adapted to their environment or to generate advertising revenue.

Technical specifications



Customisable configuration

Solar / electric / hybrid

LED display for advertising

Pedal operated

Without compaction



Combine Smafybins

Smafybin is available to order in as many separate sections as you need.

Its scalability means it can be adapted to solve the particular needs of the client.


Want to Customise your Smafybin?

Generate advertising revenue

Promote a brand

Promote municipal campaigns

Static or moving images

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